Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can read more about our diving history HERE

Just complete our convenient form HERE and you will receive your card within 7-10 business days.

Click HERE to find out more. We’d love to have you join us!

We can look up an instructor for you with a little more information. Give us a call (765) 281-0600 or email us at

Scuba Educators International believes not everyone learns the same way. We give our instructors the ability to teach the way to best suits their students. Instructors can lecture the entire course if they choose or use supplemental material. We offer printed books , digial books and workbooks, E-Learning is coming soon. All of our material is in English. some of our material is translated to Italian, Spanish, German, and Korean language materials as well

All teaching materials are ready. We have materials for most specialties. Some specialties do not have materials BUT we do support courses for them. For example, we do not have Full Face Mask materials but can approve your Full Face Mask Course and issue that certification for your students.

Instructors only need to purchase materials if they want a paper copy. We can provide digital instructor teaching materials. Student materials ordered through the US office are paper.

Yes, we have materials up to Instructor Trainer. Course Directors are appointed on a case by case basis. Our Course Directors usually develop and run specialty programs or write educational material for Scuba Educators. Our Instructor Trainers are equivalent to the Course Director of most other agencies.

We do agency support for public safety programs and aquarium programs.  For instructors, we have some of the lowest renewal prices in the industry and support them by trusting them to do what they do best – teach scuba. We do not sell to your students directly, require minimum training numbers, or have a fee for everything you do. It is very straightforward, and our instructors enjoy teaching to the highest standards in the industry without hassle and ongoing sales pitches from us.

YES, We are recognized worldwide.
We have instructors all over the world. Italy, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, the Philippines, Korea, and Japan are some of the standouts.  

You can easily certify students online through our website.

Use our E-Commerce site to order printed material. You will need to create an account and have your account level elevated to Instructor or higher. You can call or e-mail us with your order from the current materials and price list. All invoicing is handled electronically. You may choose to have your card on file and charged automatically.

We can send the card to whomever you like. Certifications include USPS First Class and International service. Other shipping options for certifications are available at instructor’s expense. We do charge shipping for materials. The instructor pays whatever we pay to get the materials where they need to go.

We do not currently limit prices for our instructors as the market in each area dictates what prices the area can support. You may contact us to receive price recommendations for your area.

$15 US per certification for Open Water courses. $25 US for customized cards. Naturally, instructor certifications are more and included in the price list.

We have a simple, three step crossover process for instructors. We do not have the same levels as other agencies. Leaders are Divemaster, Assistant Instructor, Instructor, Instructor Trainer, and Course Director. We do have some Instructor Trainers who serve in roles with more responsibility. We do not typically crossover Instructor Trainers without them attending an Instructor Development Course. However, each application is individually considered, and we absolutely take your experience and education into consideration. Please contact us for more details.

We do have some country representatives who support independent instructors. We rely on them for help with translation, material development, renewals, etc. They are usually experienced IT’s who believe in the quality of our education.

Scuba Educators International is committed to Continuing Education. Not just for recreational divers, for our dive leaders as well. We host events at DEMA and in the first week of March with one of or dive travel destinations

Scuba Educators International does have Educational Locations and Travel Destinations.  We do not require exclusivity to our brand only.
Most of our instructors are independent. We do not have manufacturer affiliations. You can teach courses with other agencies. You can use whatever equipment you want. Our courses are better suited for divers who want comprehensive training. Our requirement is for you to meet and preferably exceed the minimum standards.

We are focused on recreational diving, Public Safety and Aquarium diving. Some of our newer recreational courses are Side Mount and Full Facemask. One of our newer courses for Public Safety and Aquarium is Surface Supplied Air. There is also the availability for instructor specified courses.

Instructor trainers can certify new instructors. Our leaders carry an incredible amount of trust with us. Once crossed over, we trust you to teach to our standard. As a Scuba Educators Instructor Trainer, you would just test and certify to our standards, then submit online for certification.