Why SCUBA Educators?

Our family of SCUBA divers attracts both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts from various agencies worldwide. The reason is straightforward: when you feel at ease underwater, you’re enjoying yourself. For over six decades, our educators have prioritized safety and fun in diving across the globe.

We distinguish our training by offering the industry’s most extensive course with increased instructor interaction and ample pool time. Our goal is to ensure you relish every underwater escapade by laying a strong foundation and fostering comfort in the water. The vastness of the ocean holds more exploration opportunities than a single lifetime permits!

Our community comprises divers and leaders operating in diverse marine environments – from lakes, quarries, and rivers to springs and oceans, in varying visibility and conditions, whether navigating waves or currents, whether from boats or shorelines.

Many divers choose to advance their skills professionally, and our programs, recognized in over 35 countries with exclusive governmental endorsements, facilitate this transition.

Military and public safety agencies rely on our education programs for demanding dives in challenging scenarios – be it swift water with zero visibility or conducting deep, cold search operations. Our training equips first responders to navigate unexpected situations with confidence.

Divers and instructors affiliated with SCUBA Educators are globally acknowledged as safe, responsible, and self-assured. Ultimately, regardless of the diving location, it’s the people you encounter, the sights you behold, and the everlasting memories that truly matter.

The SCUBA Educators Vision

Our vision is for Scuba Educators to stand out as a globally recognized and respected training agency, renowned for our unwavering commitment to excellence. 

We aspire to set rigorous yet attainable standards, foster a community of elite instructors who inspire and motivate students to excel, and streamline processes to make it effortless for instructors and shops to thrive with us.

We aim to be the preferred destination for both shops and professionals, where they not only come to learn but also to be part of a quality-driven, globally acclaimed family.

Come Dive With Us Today!

With many agencies worldwide certifying SCUBA divers, why do new and experienced divers alike choose to join our family?

The answer is simple: If you are comfortable underwater you are having fun. For over 60 years our educators have been making diving safe and fun all around the globe.

We train our divers with the longest course in the industry, the most instructor contact time, and more pool time than anyone else. We want you to enjoy all your underwater adventures and it starts with having the right training. With a solid foundation and comfort in the water, our divers can make the most of every descent below the surface. This big blue marble offers more than any of us can explore in a single lifetime!

We are represented by divers and dive leaders working the world over in every imaginable marine environment. Lakes, quarries, rivers, springs, and oceans. In high and low visibility. In waves and current. Off of boats or right from the shore.