Leadership Activation

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Scuba Educators from Assistant Instructor through Instructor Trainer will all have the same membership premium. Gone are the days of calculating each team members’ annual dues and ensuring they are all current for their level.

Now,  you don’t need to pay out the nose when the holidays roll around. How did that ever make sense anyway? As Scuba Educators, you are the first dive professionals in the industry to have a monthly payment option. We are proud to announce that all instructor levels only pay $25/month to be active with us. That’s it.

We are working every single day to make the business of dive education easier. By streamlining the membership, we save headache and time for your operation while increasing the bottom line for educators who choose to expand their diving and teaching skills.


Since the industry has commoditized Divemasters to the point that they often don’t get paid and volunteer their time, we have decided  Divemasters with current insurance no longer have to pay membership fees. By saving shops and their Divemaster’s money, we expect to see our leaders being compensated for their time in accordance with their professional certification.

Divemasters, click here to submit your renewal information.