Bill Doran

Bill Doran
Eastern Canada

For over 30 years, Bill has been diving and still possesses a passion for enjoying any dive, from the simple to the technical. Whether diving with friends, training beginners, or developing new instructors, Bill can easily fit into the role, and his genuine joy of diving is always present.
Over the years, Bill has had the pleasure of building three scuba clubs. His main club, 4D Diving and Adventures, started in the early 2000s, focusing on fun and safe diving. Over the years, the club has added a dive school and a dive store. This successful model has served well to build safe and confident divers.
Bill brings the combined experience of working with three agencies. Starting at ACUC, he worked through the ranks to the highest rating of Instructor Trainer Evaluator.
In 2016, he crossed over to NAUI, where he again attained their highest level, Course Director Trainer. At NAUI, he received several awards, including Outstanding Achievement Award. While at a DEMA, he promoted the idea of re-establishing NAUI Canada. He continued promoting the Canadian plan until it happened in the fall of 2019 when Bill worked for NAUI Worldwide as the Regional Manager for Eastern Canada. In the fall of 2020, Bill added the role of the NAUI Marketing Director to his portfolio. While at NAUI Services Group, Bill created and published the NAUI Talk series (see NAUI TV on YouTube) and relaunched a digital version of the NAUI Sources magazine. On January 31, 2022, it was time to retire from administration and focus more on water activities.
Over the years, Bill enjoyed creating a variety of course curriculums, standards, procedures, and eLearning platforms.
As Bill started his retirement, he created a digital magazine to help scuba businesses in their recovery from the pandemic. This magazine is called ScubaBiz.Help and together with some great friends, it continues to grow and assist dive instructors and diving businesses worldwide.
Bill’s 40-plus years of business experience outside of diving includes his work in starting and building a thriving call center, where he has been inducted into the Canadian Association of Message Exchange’s (CAM-X) Hall of Fame.
Then, the unexpected happened. His friend and fellow industry professional Jim Gunderson became President/CEO of Scuba Educators International, the second-oldest training agency in the Americas. When Jim asked Bill to come aboard as Vice President, he did not hesitate, knowing that quality training and high standards were very close to Jim’s heart.
So, what does the future hold? Well, more diving, teaching, committee work, and helping to build Scuba Educators International.