Barton D. Zerbe
Instructor #: 305735

Barton holds instructor certifications from various popular diving agencies in the U.S.A. Barton joined Scuba Educators International as part of a team dedicated to improving the diving community’s education standards. Barton’s goal is to elevate the current minimal level of education currently accepted in the market.  Barton specializes in Public Safety Diving and holds certifications from major equipment manufacturers.
Barton has a diverse background. He worked as a Paramedic in San Francisco and also has experience as a Network Engineer, holding certifications from both Microsoft and Cisco. Barton was one of four instructors in the Sonoma State University SCUBA Diving program. Additionally, he serves as a Public Safety Diver and is the Captain of the Solano County Sheriff’s Office OES Dive Team. Barton is also an instructor and a member of the Sonoma County Dive Rescue Team. With over 30 years of diving experience, Barton has spent most of his time exploring the waters of Northern California.