Open Water Courses

The Best of Both Worlds!

Approaching your dive through silent and personal exploration of Planet Ocean’s surface enables access to an undisturbed underwater frontier, allowing discovery of treasures above and below – the best of both worlds! Learn about the unique possibilities provided by the cross-sport and the easiest and safest ways to launch your adventures into Kayak Diving, around the world.

The Ultimate Aquatic Cross-Sport Above & Below

Exploration: Kayak diving gives you the ability to explore the aquatic world above the water as you make your way to the perfect, pristine dive site. Whether from a boat or a beach, it’s your journey…you choose the path!

Freedom: What could be more freeing than finding the perfect dive site, grabbing your regulator, and slipping over the side of the kayak into a undisturbed aquatic environment. The kayak is the perfect platform for unlimited surface supplied air.

Independence: It’s your life! It’s your world! Make it your own unique aquatic adventure.

Dive Site Selection: Scenic paddle. Dive site selected. Kayak divers down!

The ability to paddle isolated, uncrowded shorelines and select pristine dive sites creates the ultimate watersport – Kayak Diving.  Here’s how it happened … one unique kayak and one manufacturer’s rep sitting alone in a booth at the DEMA show, 1990.  Jean Henry and Clark Ross stopped in their tracks.  Tapping into their backgrounds as whitewater river guides and SCUBA Instructor Trainers, they immediately realized the potential of this revolutionary new sit-on-top, self-bailing craft for expanding diving adventures.  Clark worked with the kayak manufacturer to design and produce the first-ever dive kayak, integrating features to meet the unique demands of safely utilizing the kayak to transport and provide surface support for a diver.  Jean, a lifetime educator, recognized that a cross-sport requires cross-competence; she developed the first kayak diving training and certification materials for the diving industry, merging skills of paddling and diving.  Their kayak diving expertise has been honed through lake dives, US coastal diving (all coasts), and manufacturer sponsored expeditions in the Caribbean, Sea of Cortez and Venezuela.  They have trained Kayak Diving Instructors, dive shop staff, and resort guides.