On a dive last summer in Philip’s Quarry Muncie, IN, we swam along the east wall. This area had proved to be the least exciting part of our dives until now. The viz is around 10 feet throughout much of the summer and fall. Twice now though, we’ve seen some of the coolest things while in this area. Back in June ’16 we almost swam into a paddlefish with his long nose as we rounded a rocky projection. He was at least as surprised as us judging by the fact he turned tail and swam away so quickly.

Just a few weeks later, we were diving a bit deeper (around 25-30 feet) along the wall and swam through a large downed tree. The branches were loaded with lazy bluegill and we took a few minutes to swim through the branches and watch them kick it on a Sunday afternoon.

Crystal clear water is a blast and lets you take it all in and we love those dives. It’s cool though when things aren’t “just right” and you get the opportunity to focus on one thing at a time because you’re forced to either due to visibility or some other variable. As you execute the dive plan, you may round a corner and see a school of fish or underwater feature you didn’t notice before when the looking was better.

Low Visibility, High Reward