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Captain Slate’s Y SCUBA Update

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Hi everyone in YMCA Scuba World, just wanted to write a little update on where our YMCA SCUBA program currently is since many of you former YMCA instructors/divers may not be aware of the changes.  Of course us ‘old’ originally certified YMCA Instructors and divers know and love the YMCA SCUBA PROGRAM, it made us the best trained divers in the industry -r always concentrating on Education not necessarily gear sales… Our philosophy from the

Ginnie Springs Free Divers

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A nice side benefit of diving is the stuff that happens along the way. It could be a chance encounter or an experience you never had before. It could be a great story or a sunset. In our case, it was just being around other people having fun. Check out our last video from the dives at Ginnie Springs! Ginnie Springs Free Divers

A Bloomin’ Good Time

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Sunday was a lovely, sunny, 40 degree day here in Indiana, so we decided to visit Philips Quarry for a quick dive. We got in, Cam got himself sufficiently chilled (he is diving wet in 39 degree water!), and we headed down with a destination of the pontoon boat. The visibility has been poor of late and this time of day, we figured the sun would help us out over on that side of the