A few weeks ago, we visited Natural Springs Resort in New Paris, Ohio. It’s an old quarry with an average depth of about 20 feet with certain spots going down around 35 feet. In addition to being a great dive site it is also a very nice campground.

We’ve had the privilege of diving here twice this year already and it’s been a blast both times. Ben and I visited in May to do a little recon for the Delaware Divers Dive Club based in Muncie, IN. That first trip consisted of three amazing dives, including my favorite dive ever(!) At least up to this point.

Natural Springs Resort

Along one side of the quarry is a wide, sandy beach complete with diving board. They have a couple shelters near the water and an air fill station just off the beach area where divers enter and exit the water. Dive entry is easy with steps leading into shallow water. You can place your gear on the edge and don it after you get in

There are lines to each feature where you can see platforms, swim throughs, boats, cars, and a desktop computer guarded by bass. Fish are plentiful and mostly friendly, though the bass at the computer was a bit grumpy.

The main shop is just off the beach with food, drinks, and all the little stuff you might have forgotten to bring. Just behind it is a nice size swimming pool and large bathroom/changing area. They have big inflatables for the kids and pricing for the day is very reasonable.

We knew after exploring the site that this would be the perfect spot for a club meeting. I rented a shelter and we put it on the schedule.

The next couple weeks leading up to the meet crawled by. The kind of crawling only a day job can create. When the weekend of the meet finally came, we were beyond ready to get wet. I rolled in with the family and gear in tow. I was pleasantly surprised to find the shelter we rented had been blocked off by orange traffic cones. That was a nice touch, as there was absolutely no place to park. The beach was already inhabited by sunbathers and happy kids.

Slowly but surely our divers trickled in and we set up a buffet line for the pitch in. We even got a visit from the staff, who made sure we had everything we needed. We couldn’t have been happier with the service.

All in all, the dives were great and the atmosphere was perfect. Natural Springs has something for everyone, divers and non-divers alike. It makes a great weekend getaway for the whole family. But don’t just take my word for it, here you go!